MBA Colleges in USA

The USA is one of the most preferred destinations for not only national, but also international students aspiring to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or simply an MBA. Annually, more than 1.25 lakh students pursue their MBA from the United States, making it the world’s largest MBA market. A student can get his seat booked for an mba program in the USA by taking any of the following exams; GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL.

There are various types of mba programs one can pursue from the united states:

1. A full-time MBA:

This is an on-campus mba program offered to graduates, and its duration is 2 years. Most of such programmes are STEM-recognized.

2. Part time MBA:

Working professionals who do not wish to give up their jobs to pursue this degree often choose a part time MBA program. Such a program is more flexible than a full time MBA degree, and generally offers lectures on weekends.

3. Online MBA

Online MBA is currently the most sought after type of MBA program, since an individual can pursue it from anywhere in the world, without having to compulsorily settle in the States.

4. Executive MBA

Experienced working professionals who want to enhance their career prospects and knowledge horizons generally go for an executive MBA program, also called an EMBA, which one can pursue while working full time. The lecture schedules vary from program to program: some institutions offer weekend lectures, while some others offer weekday lectures.

Top MBA Colleges in the United States

If you wish to pursue an MBA from the States, following are some of the most prestigious universities, which you should definitely prioritise over the others:

1. Harvard University

Being one of the most prestigious and sought-after private universities for MBA, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to book your slot in Harvard Business School. They offer a general management curriculum which lays a strong emphasis on real life practice. Students at Harvard step into the shoes of real life entrepreneurs, consultants and managers, giving them a strong foundation and stimulating them to be well prepped to mark their presence as strong and successful leaders.

2. Stanford University

Stanford university is a private university established in the year 1885, and is based at the heart of Silicon Valley. International students, from any background can pursue this two-year postgraduate program. To be eligible for this degree, one must hold a bachelor’s degree, equivalent to a US bachelors . The average total cost of a full time MBA from Stanford is about $124389 or $149532, depending on one’s marital status.

3. University of Chicago

Established in the year 1890, University of Chicago is a private university offering a full time MBA program at the Booth School of Business. One can choose from over 10 specialisations of MBA, in various fields, like finance, business analytics and behavioural sciences. The university is ranked #1 for a part time MBA, and the tuition fees for its full-time, part-time and executive mba is $74919 per year, $7492 per credit, and $194,000 for total program respectively.

4. University of Pennsylvania

The university of Pennsylvania, or simply uPenn is a renowned Ivy League School with an acceptance rate of 5.9% for its mba program.The university offers MBA under two bifurcations: full time mba and executive MBA at The Wharton School. The duration of a full time program is 20 months , including a summer internship for 3.5 months. The program aims to inculcate leadership, business acumen and intellect among its students.

5. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, was established in the year 1861, and has since made significant contributions to science and technology. It is one of the prestigious, top ranked institutions in the world, and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their MBA is a two year program at the Sloan School of Management. The program has been accredited by AACSB and is instrumental in building critical and analytical skills in the students, who come from all parts of the world to widen their career prospects.

6. Northwestern University

Established in 1851, Northwestern University is a renowned private university, based in Evanston, Illinois. The university offers a full-time, on campus MBA program, the duration of which is 1 year. The acceptance rate of the university is about 9%, and the average package after completing this program goes up to 130,000 USD. There are numerous subjects a student specialises in during the program, including business strategy, marketing management, operations management and leadership organisations.

7. Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the most sought-after universities by international students, and is well known for its curriculum and placement packages. The admission procedure here is quite competitive, with an acceptance rate of 18.5%. Full-time and executive MBA programs are offered, and both of these are AACSB accredited.

8. Yale University

Based in New Haven, Yale University is an Ivy League School and is very popular among international students especially because of its affordable fees. The university offers scholarships worth 38 lakhs, inducing increased participation from international aspirants, who represent over 122 diverse nationalities and countries. Both full time MBA and executive MBA are offered at Yale University.

9. University of California

University of California is an esteemed private university established in the year 1998. The curriculum they offer is designed with an intent to inculcate among its students a global perspective on business operations. The duration of their MBA program is 18 months (full time). Their main focus is on strengthening concepts and making students well-versed with their applications in a business setting.

10. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan’s MBA program is designed with a steep focus on analytical and critical thinking, stimulating and preparing students for the various challenges in modern day business and corporations. The curriculum they offer caters well to the needs of both full time and part time students and provides them an active learning environment. The average fees of an MBA program at the University of Michigan is 850 USD per credit hour.

These were the top ten universities for an MBA in the USA. While choosing the right b-school, one must take into consideration the necessary factors, like return on investment, placement statistics, location of the college and alumni network.

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