Part-Time Jobs Near Me Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For College Students Latest Updates

Part-Time Jobs Near Me Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For College Students

10 Best Jobs For College Students (A Complete Guide)

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For College Students: Employers’ reluctance to hire a fresher for a job role makes it a little bit difficult for inexperienced individuals to enter the job market. And for experience, freshers need to have some work. In such a scenario, part-time jobs are the best options where they can get some knowledge in their respective domain and become eligible for a full-time job. Besides providing a source of income and experience, these jobs help in creating a network of professionals and building an effective resume. Also Read – Gujarat College Students Develop Motorbike That Runs on Both Petrol & Electricity

There are a plethora of part-time jobs in the market and you can earn up to Rs 40,000, suggests data by India’s leading jobs and professional networking platform, apna. Co. A part-time job gives you the freedom to decide the kind of job you want. Some part-time jobs also provide an opportunity for professionals to turn them into full-time careers. If you are a freshman looking for a part-time job, you can consider the options mentioned below. Also, Read – Seriously? US Students Are Throwing Covid-19 Parties to Infect Guests, Give Prizes to Those Who Catch It First

Part-Time Jobs Near Me Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For College Students Latest Updates
                                                                                                                         Part-Time Jobs Near Me

1. Web Developer: Demand for skilled web developers is very high and freelance is considered more beneficial in this field. If you have a professional degree in computer science and a good understanding of the basics of coding and markup language, you can get many lucrative opportunities here. With experience, you can decide your career path in the field for better opportunities with handsome packages. Expected salary per month – Rs 10,000-25,500 Also Read – Fact Check: Viral Message That Claims Scholarship of Rs 10,000 For College Students is Fake

2. Content Writer: If you are good with language and enjoy writing, you can go for a part-time content writer job. Quality content is high in demand and companies are open to providing opportunities to good writers. As a content writer, you would be responsible to write articles, blogs, social media content, website content, etc. Besides language proficiency and strong writing skills, you need to have good research skills as well. On platforms like apna.Co, you can also build professional networks, which provides an exclusive community of content writers to build networks. Expected salary per month – Rs 16,000-25,000

3. Graphic Designer: Graphic designers play a key role in marketing and brand promotion. They are especially responsible for giving a visual interpretation of the written content. Marketing agencies, as well as organizations, hire graphic artists. For a graphic designer role, you need to have a good understanding of design software and tools like Photoshop, Adobe, Corel Draw, etc. Also, a creative bent of mind is extremely essential for the job. Expected salary per month – Rs 15,500-29,000

4. Sales Assistant: It is another attractive opportunity for freshers. Companies today hire part-time salespeople to increase their consumer base. Good communication skills are required for this job. If you are interested in sales and marketing, you can start as a sales assistant. After acquiring good knowledge, you can scale the corporate ladder in this domain. Expected salary per month – Rs 14,500-21,000

5. Customer Care Executive: If you have good communication skills and are good with people, you can consider becoming a part-time customer care executive. Just choose a sector of your interest and try to gain excellence in customer care. Expected salary per month – Rs 15,000-23,000

6. Social Media Executive: Due to its effectiveness, companies are using social media platforms to expand their reach. If you have some basic knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you can get a part-time job as an executive. Your responsibilities may include posting content, engaging with followers, creating strategies for posts, etc. You need to keep yourself up to date with the new developments on these platforms. Expected salary per month – Rs 21,5000-46,000

7. Digital Marketing Executive: Digital Marketing is a vast term. It refers to marketing through multiple channels such as websites, social media, mobile, search engines, and other similar channels. As an executive, you need to develop strategies to connect with audiences, execute online advertisements through platforms like Google Ads, perform SEO optimization, collaborate with designers, etc. This segment is thriving by the day and creating a plethora of opportunities. As a fresher, you can start your career with a digital marketing agency or company as an executive. Expected salary per month – Rs 20,000-25,800

8. Content Creator: If you have a creative mind and can entertain and educate audiences, you can choose content creation as a career. With the swift internet penetration, companies are now able to reach out to more consumers, and to engage them they need content creators. As a creator, you need to understand the internet world and the preferences of audiences to create interesting content. You can also work independently by opening accounts on different platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Once you become popular, brands start approaching you for marketing and advertising. Expected salary per month – Rs 30,000-45,000

9. Barista or Bartender: With the opening of bars and other such establishments, the opportunities in this segment have increased tremendously. Freshers with good communication skills can join them as baristas or bartenders to earn a handsome salary and learn the basics of business, especially consumer service. Bartenders welcome consumers into their establishment, help them understand the menu, make recommendations as per their preferences, take orders and serve them. If you love meeting new people and have an interest in the food/restaurant segment, you can go for this job. Expected salary per month – Rs 15,000-20,500

10. Delivery Executive: The doorstep delivery ecosystem is on the continuous rise, creating myriad employment opportunities for freshers. As a delivery executive, you are expected to deliver products to the consumers safely and on time, verify the consumer before handing over the packets, accept payment, and update the delivery status on the company’s app. For this job, you need to have a driving license and knowledge of road safety regulations. Expected salary per month – Rs 12,000-18,500.

Part-Time Jobs Near Me The Dichotomy Of Hiring: Veterans V/s Freshers

In a country with more than 72,000 startups today — making it the third largest ecosystem in the world, according to Invest India — hiring the right talent from the pool of 90 crore aspirants is a task almost all startups are struggling with. Hiring activity in India showed a growth of 22% year on year in June 2022, according to data published by the employment website Naukri.Com based on its Job Speak index.

Every startup that is trying to solve a problem with its product or service needs to build a workforce that understands what exactly the problem is, and usher in innovative solutions by believing in the company’s ethos. The passion and energy of employees tend to drive efficient results for every successful startup. But how does one go about gauging these attributes while hiring? The major concern for founders and HR specialists has always been the dichotomy between preferring experienced professionals over impressionable freshers.

Here are some of the aspects worth considering while hiring experienced and inexperienced employees –

Skill sets:

While experienced candidates have practical knowledge, freshers bring new perspectives to the table. They are more flexible and can be easily molded into dependable employees with proper training and guidance from the veterans. In today's age of being tech-first, startups require their employees to know the ins and outs of technology. These younger folks are high on skill as they adapt to the latest technology and can innovate. With a well-balanced workforce, organizations can match skill with innovation where the experienced folks can help nurture the idea of learning and skill development, while the younger folks help the older ones to innovate.

Leadership and team management:

When business is witnessing rapid growth, experienced professionals can be trusted with sustaining pressure situations. Due to their experience, they know how to manage people, large teams, and critical roles effectively. But India is a country with the largest youth population and the startup ecosystem has seen some amazing young leaders who have put their names on the global map. Young leaders are motivated to boost productivity, discover things and remain solution-oriented. Hiring should be focused on identifying excellent talents who understand ground realities and at the same time develop systems that can solve at scale.

Company Culture:

Young employees can cultivate a culture of learning, collaboration, and fun which makes a productive workplace. They are open to changes and can result in positive output. For experienced employees, gelling in a new culture can often become a task as they are set with the prescribed methodology. But at the same time, they are also non-compromising on company values and principles. Inexperienced employees are eager to learn and have little bias regarding the same. Experienced employees can serve as mentors while new employees can adapt to the changing external environment creating a culture of teamwork.


Veterans being nurtured leaders always value loyalty. If they see that they fit right for a role and believe in the company’s mission, they tend to stay for a long period of time. Freshers being early-stage learners focus on driving results irrespective of their fixed-job responsibilities. With adequate time, tools, and training, less seasoned workers are more likely to grow devoted to the company and turn out to be trustworthy. Organizations can decentralize leadership where nurtured leaders make an easy-to-access hierarchy for freshers to lean on and not feel lost. This way when employees are valued, they adopt the company and stay with it.

In conclusion, what truly sets young people apart is their zeal and energy of mind to question existing processes, which prove to be a profitable asset to an organization, especially a high-growth startup that needs to be agile at all points of time. However, it is equally imperative for startups to hire veterans with industry experience and expertise vital for the consistent growth of a startup. Building muscle is a function that youth does but the experience is what brings stability to the energy that youth exudes. The perfect blend of talent, skill, and experience — balance is the key — is what results in a committed workforce.

Good News For Freshers: 59% of Indian Companies Want To Hire Them In Coming Months. Check Job Locations

Part-Time Jobs Near Me Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For College Students
                                                                                                                         Part-Time Jobs Near Me

India Recruitment Drive 2022 Latest Update: Here comes a piece of good news for the freshers. A recent report stated that 59% of Indian companies are interested to hire freshers between July to December 2022. TeamLease EdTech, one of India’s leading learning solutions providers, in its bi-annual ‘Career Outlook Report’ for the period July to December 2022, mentioned a comprehensive analysis of the fresher hiring sentiment in India. Also Read – Domestic Flights: Akasa Air Announces Operation Over 150 Weekly Flights By September-End

List of top sectors looking to hire freshers

In the coming months, a series of top sectors are looking to hire freshers. Some of those top sectors include Information and Technology, E-commerce and Technology Start-ups, and Telecommunications. These are the most promising sectors for freshers with 65%, 48%, and 47% of employers showing the intent to hire, respectively. Also Read – Delhi to Kullu Via Chandigarh in Less Than 3 Hours. Timings, Route, And Other Details of ATR-42 Flight Here

Apart from this, the telecom companies are also looking forward to investing INR 3345 crores in the sector and expanding their data centers pan India. Also Read – Travel Any Distance in Kochi Metro For Only Rs 10 This Independence Day. More Details Inside

List of top job locations for freshers

There are several top-ranking job locations within India where there is strong demand for freshers. Bengaluru is one of the leading cities for freshers with 68% of employers projecting the intent to hire, followed by Mumbai (50%) and Delhi (45%).

The hiring sentiment of employers in H1 2022 in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi stood at 59%, 43%, and 39% respectively.

However, other locations which have shown slow hiring sentiment include Kochi (2%), Indore (2%), Coimbatore (3%), and Chandigarh (5%).

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Part-Time Jobs Near Me Top 10 Part-Time Jobs For College Students
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