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Top 5 Part-Time Jobs To Look Out For Post Class 12 New Jobs Update Skill

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs To Look Out For Post Class 12 >>Part-Time Jobs<<

Summary >>Part-Time Jobs<<

Adding part-time work to your resume and fully describing them may give you an extra edge over other candidates

Part-time work as a student shows continuity in your career develops your skillset and makes you a better worker in the long run

Adding one or more side jobs to your resume can really make your CV shine for a recruiter. Whether you have just graduated from school and are applying for a fresher job or you have been working elsewhere and are making a switch, part-time work or small gigs may be just what you need to demonstrate both experience and an eagerness to work and career continuity. Even if your part-time job wasn’t specifically related to the career you’re aiming for, recruiters usually look out for soft skills and transferable skills that you may have picked up at these stents.

So, before we go straight into the list, remember two things: >>Part-Time Jobs<<

  • It might be difficult to pursue part-time in between studies or alongside college, but the effort you put in will surely help your CV stand out when you finally apply for that dream job, and
  • Assess the skills you picked up at these gigs, find those which were relevant to the job you are applying for, and make sure to include them in your CV headline, as well as when you detail the job experience.

And with that, let’s take a look at the…

Top 5 jobs after class 12

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs To Look Out For Post Class 12 New Jobs Update Skill

Mentioned below are the top 5 Part-Time Jobs that can help a new school pass out and gain the much-required exposure into the corporate world.

  • Content writer

A perfect job for someone with unique writing skills and an interest in creating profitable content, this profile is one of the most popular jobs on the 12th pass job list. Content writers are hired by organizations to develop different types of content for their blogs, services, or even social media handles. Attractive pay of Rs 5,000-8,000 can be your starting salary in this industry as a part-time worker. In fact, you can progress to higher positions as you gain experience, even before completing your graduation.

There are a variety of content writing courses available, some of which you can also complete online. These could help you greatly improve your writing skills and climb up the professional ladder. Here are some of the courses you can pursue side-by-side with your full-time college degree or part-time job.

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs To Look Out For Post Class 12 New Jobs Update Skill

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Content writing courses: 

  • Writing Proficiently by Harappa
  • Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery by Udemy
  • The Strategy of Content Marketing by Coursera2. Data entry operator

After class 12, this is another most sought job opportunity. Most companies need trusted employees to work on their company’s critical data sets. These jobs are ideal for young school pass outs looking forward to earning a bit of money on the side to manage expenses. The necessary skills required for this profession are:

-Ability to clearly read data and extract the relevant information >>Part-Time Jobs<<

-Ability to create datasheets and compile data digitally

Here are a few courses you may want to consider to fast-track your learning from the job: >>Part-Time Jobs<<

  • Data Entry Course for Beginners by Udemy
  • Data entry and keyboard Skills by Unacademy
  • Excel Skills for Business: Essentials by Coursera3. Receptionist

A receptionist is an auditor or front desk staff member who is responsible for managing visitors, phone calls, guest lists, and paperwork related to the organization.

The receptionist is one of the most popular employment options in India. From hotels to hospitals, almost every organization needs a receptionist. A major advantage of a career as a receptionist is that the minimum qualifications required are easy to meet. Students who have just completed class 12th can also apply for a receptionist position. However, at the time of recruitment, you must be presentable and able to demonstrate the skills needed to excel at the job.

A few short-term courses to help you hone the required skills are a Diploma in Front Office, and Certificate in Front Office Automation. A few of the top colleges that offer Diploma in Front Office after class 12th are:

  • Jindal School Of Hotel Management -[JSHM], Vadodara
  • Amity University, Gurgaon
  • College Of Hospitality Administration – [CHA], Jaipur

4. Photographer

If you are someone who has a strong passion for photography and a creative spirit, the field of photography can be an ideal pursuit, particularly when you want to pursue a part-time opportunity while you study further. Online Youtube tutorials, practicing on your own in a variety of settings, or even pursuing a short-term certificate or diploma course will teach you the requisite skills in photography, equipment handling, image editing, camera lenses, and lighting.

Many magazines, newspapers, and websites will take fashion or nature photographs from or hire freelancers for different events who may not be very experienced and have an industry reputation. The average monthly salary in this industry as a part-time worker ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. Some of the professional courses to assist you in becoming a pro photographer after class 12th are:

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs To Look Out For Post Class 12 New Jobs Update Skill

Offline: >>Part-Time Jobs<<

  • Professional Certificate in Professional Photography by Pearl Academy
  • Certificate in Contemporary Photography (Part-Time) by Pearl Academy
  • Still Photography by Asian Academy of Film And Television

Online: >>Part-Time Jobs<<

  • Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization by Coursera
  • A Crash Course in Photographic Composition by Skill Share
  • Introduction to Photography Class by R-photo Class5. Tutor

If you have good academic performance and a knack for explaining things, you’ll be a great tutor. Tutoring also looks particularly good on your CV if you want to progress to academic or training-oriented roles. Various tutoring centers are always looking for class 12 pass teachers to teach young kids in pre-primary or primary classes. A 1-year NTT course by KidZee Teacher Training program can also assist you to have a flourishing future in this line. Additionally, in the contemporary era, there are also many online education platforms that can help you in kicking off your career path.

Alternatively, you can also start offering personal tuition and earn as high as Rs 20,000 in a month. >>Part-Time Jobs<<

An early part-time job will not only make your CV shine but also provide an atmosphere for you to learn and develop foundational skills that will assist you later in your career. And that’s not all – succeeding in life, professional or personal, requires two other major things. These are people skills and networking. And a part-time job increases the opportunity for freshers to acquire both. Ready for the job hunt now?

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